How to optimize a website for search engine for free in patna

How to optimize a website for search engine for free in patna

If you are looking for rank on google then i will give you best option and strategy for beginner, if you are looking for rank in LSM (local search market) or want to rank globally then you have to follow some steps which will help you in boosting your PR (Page Ranking)

The steps of optimization is not a one-time setup but actually it needs maintenance, tuning and continuous testing and monitoring.

If you want to rank in patna,Bihar then i am going to provide a checklist

Step 01 : Target market business Analysis

Website Analysis : when i will say website analysis that means onpage optimization that include meta sets,keywords,visible text you have to optimize according to keywords.

Competitive analysis : Question is how you will find your comparator and what needful step you can take after that.Pick the five Result of top i’ve result in the Google listing result after that use tools like Semrush and keywordspy for finding needful information for your SEO(search Engine optimisation) in patna.

Initial keyword nomination: After finding your comparator you have to find best keyword and segment from your niche.

Step 2: Keyword Research and Development

Keyword analysis:

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