SEO interview questions and answers for freshers pdf

SEO interview questions and answers for freshers pdf

As technology is booming up in india many small business and large business community are planned to switch to digital platform as everyone use smartphone so every customer is inr range of digital marketing.

SEO (search engine optimization) is all about creating content to increase traffic on any website.

I am going to provide you question and answer related to SEO so that you can understand SEO (Search engine optimization) in better way.

Here you will find all the most recent questions and answers, so that you can learn more regarding SEO journey!

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Question : What is SEO?

Answer: SEO stand for search engine optimization and it is process of Continually improving the rank of website ,services and product in order to attract bulk amount of traffic on your website.

Question: What is the importance of SEO?

Answer: SEO (Search engine optimization) is done for increasing traffic to your website while making keyword rank at the top of the search engine result page (SERP).

Question: How many types SEO is divided into?

Answer : For understanding search engine optimization in easy format it is divided into two type :
1. On-page SEO
2. Off-page SEO

Question : Define the types of SEO?

Answer : On-Page optimization is a process of designing and improving your website according to customer needs and keeping it in mind regarding searching pattern in search engine optimization.

Off page optimization – Creating backlinks,social share,guest posting ,social bookmarking and other activity for driving traffic will count as off-page optimization.

Question : Which software and programming languages are used in on-page SEO?

Answer: Programming language which are used for creating website are HTML,CSS,JAVASCRIPT, BOOTSTRAP,PHP ,python and other languages are used.

Question: What are the platforms where we can drive traffic through off-page SEO?

Answer: There are many website related to Social Media , Social Bookmarking site, blogs and forum submission are some of the places were you can share your website link.

Question : What is a search engine?

Answer : Search engine are the software which help us in finding our queries answer ,suggestion tips and tricks and other solving problems using world wide web (www).

Question: Name of some common search engines?

Answer : Google, Yahoo!, DuckDuckgo, Bing, Yandex and Baidu are most popular search engines and 90% of people use Google for solving their problems most.

Question : What is a backlink?

Answer: Any other link displayed on the website or webpage which connects the viewer to the other website or webpage is called a backlink.

Question: How many types of backlink are there?

Answer: There are basically two type of backlinks

  1. Outbound link &  Inbound link

Question: What is an outbound link?

Answer: Those links which is linked outer side from website is termed as outbound link.

Question: What is an inbound link?

Answers : Those links which are interconnected internally is termed as inbound linked.

Question : What is Difference between do-follow and no-follow link?

Answer: Do-follow links matter for the google algorithm while no-follow link doesn’t matter so much.

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