Factors affecting google ranking (lecture 01)

As a teacher I will suggest that most questions will be asked in an interview from this lecture, in this lecture you will learn some important factors which affect google ranking for your website are:

1. Domain age:- Domain (Example: www.facebook.com) age may be a factor that counts in ranking any website. An old website ranked on google for a long time as google loves domains that live for a longer time. Google sees that domain as relevant and not spam by nature. So may or may not sometimes domain age matter in google ranking but as much as a domain becomes older Google takes it as a positive signal for a ranking website.

Activity: Write 5 brand names and find their domain age Hind: Go to https://smallseotools.com/domain-age-checker/ or https://www.duplichecker.com/domain-age-checker.php

If you know other tools which can check Domain age comment below or WhatsApp +919999780189

2. Keyword appears in a domain:- For some niches taking a keyword in a domain specify that this domain is based on this topic or keyword-based website, chances are there that website can get a positive signal for ranking high on google search result page. But it is not a powerful signal. It can help or add on factors in a ranking website. But this is not true for all the niches as someone tries in creating a brand in a certain niche of market then the keyword in the domain doesn’t matter. So keyword more ap in a domain may be a positive signal for some websites.

3. Domain registration duration:- If your domain is registered for a long time like 5 years or 10 years then this may be a positive signal for ranking your website. As Google loves long domain registration duration. While someone who registered a domain for a long time google assumes that they are not a spammer they are a legitimate website owner who is going to work on their website for a longer time. They are not the kind of spammers who come for short time and go after their short-term goal is completed. Or you can Say google love branding as google understands that every business takes time and google do your real business only.

Activity: Write 5 brand names and find their Domain registration duration
Hind: Visit https://www.whois.com/ and copy the past URL

4. Using a keyword in a subdomain:- If any website use subdomain and uses a keyword then google like this kind of website and as research done from the Moz website. That Moz said that those websites which have a subdomain on his website rank much higher than those which have less or no number of the subdomain. So creating a subdomain that is positive is a positive signal for the google ranking factor.

5. Domain purchase history: If you are looking to buy a domain then you must check your domain history. Here you will find how the domain is using in the past on which nich website was made and how it will be relevant to your business. If Domain is penalized in the past more chances will be your website not going to rank faster. So keep in mind better to check the domain before buying a domain.

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