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How i earned first $ from YouTube

Here i only share true fact so what i am going to talk to you is 100% true and original.

Yes 100% original

As i was suffering from bad health (basically not able to breath properly). I have tried couple of good doctor but things doesn’t work for me. As by nature i am very much honest, some time it really hurts me but that’s ok with me.

This thing was happening while i was working with one of my best company i ever work with GMRWEBTEAM . Due to that i left that company and decided to take rest and work from my home.

It was tough decision, but not taken by me. Mighty GOD doing it all.

Anyway , going ahead

I relaxed myself and started thinking all my past experiences and then i started one youtube channel (DIGITAL KA BAAP). I was thinking that i will earn at least for my family (few bucks at list).

But it was not easy

Reason was many my chest pain while i speak and i forget all stuff in middle what i was speaking. In normal condition i have good memory and i believe i can speak in better way.

But i tried and tried …..

I have posted many videos aprox 10 but views was not up to mark.

But i have decided to upload daily one videos as i have no option apart from that.

After 25 day of posting 20+ videos, one day i find that one video ranked on youtube and getting nice view although that was not high quality content so that video getting likes and unlikes to but i was getting subscriber. And most important my confident busted like any thing.

Then i decided to make video related to the same topic which my subscriber wants and that’s how i have got my first experience. Work on “micro topic” and have patience you will get result soon.

After 10000 view i started monetization and after few days i got my first $ in my absence accout.

Now my confidence is going good but i want to also work on different mode of income also.

Also i want to have to experiment in youtube many thing what will work what not.

Hope you find all above information useful. You can also share it to help your friends.

Best of luck 🙂

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