Learn basics SEO

In the video below you will find the definition of seo.

But this is not what SEO is only.

Yes really !

It is more than that.

SEO basically of two type (i want to make it simple)

  1. Onpage SEO
  2. Off Page SEO

Now i am going to make it little more simple

Are you ready?

So ONPAGE SEO is all about making your website look user friendly and while spider comes at your website they should also feel friendly.

You can work on a few things to make your website user friendly.

Like, you can have a good theme for your website (basically I am talking about wordpress themes). It will help you not only make your website look good but also boost your website speed.

Website speed plays an important role in boosting your page ranking (PR).

Also i will recommend you to use yoast seo plugin which will help you in writing perfect meta description. It is really useful and used by all big players in the market.

Also you can connect your website through google analytic and webmaster tool or console. So that you can track your website data and work out accordingly.

These are the basics of what you can do in the initial stage.

Now talk about OFF PAGE SEO. In off page seo you have to create good PR backlinks. Backlinks are the most important thing I will suggest.

As I was working on a project I have seen while improving backlink. Not only have I not increased ranking but also I have seen improvement in DA and PA. Although it takes about more than a month for the same. So i will strongly suggest you to work on backlinks and try to get backlink from good DA and PA websites.

Next tip is a lot more easy and you can generate huge traffic if you do it in the proper way.

Share your content on social platforms like facebook, twitter, linkedin, pinterest and others.

It depends which one will work well for you. Find out which platform works good for you and which is not perfect for you.

I have shared some basics with you and please make a note that SEO takes time and patience.

Hope you have liked this post. Please share it with your friend so that they can also benefit from it.

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