Make mistake faster

In past days you have heard that “slow and steady wins the race” but in field of internet marketing story is different.

Yes,totally different!

Here you have to make mistakes faster and keep learning from that mistakes.

One more big point!

Take experience while reading more and more related to your niche topic or blog.Reading experience (success and failure) of your virtual mentor rally give me idea that which direction should i move to gain maximum profit.

I have more than 5 virtual mentor and i follow him on regular basis.It give me extra boost in my thought process and also give me certain path to follow.

Almost i have completed my successful one year in internet marketing field. In this one year i have spend 75% while doing job. And rest 25% in learning stuff and converting result.

Although i have earned few bucks but my more focus was on learning.

In 3 months i have learned like any thing.Although i am not healthy enough but i keep on learning. It boost my confidence and enhance my never give up attitude.

I have worked on social media,youtube and website to earn some money in initial stage.

Also i know that i have to work on certain field and explore new mode of income.

While you are in internet business never rely on one source of income.It may take time but for sure go for it.

Note: Treat it as business not as hobby.

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