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SEOTRAD is the best search engine optimization company in Patna we are offering you a skilled Digital Marketing Expert Team. Who has already worked in your field what you need to do you have to go through one on one free consultation of your website Marketing or Mobile App Marketing.

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What we will do for you

Step 01:

Keyword Research: This is the most important part of your business, without the right keyword research you are not going to make money from your business. Before finding your keyword you have to do the SWOT analysis of your business and you must be clear in which direction you want your business should be growing.

Step 02:

Competitor Research: It is natural that you have to see left and right. Who are people who are doing business related to your business and how they are making money, you can learn many things from your competitor? If you are in the learning phase of your life then you can learn many things from the competition. After gathering information and completing our learning process we create a report which plays a very important role in creating a strategy for your business.
Step 03:
Creating website structure: We work on websites for providing a better user experience and we also keep in mind that website should be SEO friendly. SEO friendly means we have to check website speed, website structure, and other website-related issues.

Step 04:
Content Optimisation and marketing: After finding what exactly keyword we required for marketing our Best content marketing team writes down the right content for you and for your business. which is relevant to your target audience got getting the right and perfect results in SEO.

KING TIPS: ” 20% content creation 80% Marketing is going to change the game of your business “

Step 05:
Video Marketing: Video is now day becoming the best source of Engagement and trust-building source. So creating a video marketing strategy is a very important part of your business as 1st search engine having huge traffic is google and 2nd most popular source of traffic is youtube. So now you can understand why video marketing is so important.

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