SEO for Educational Websites in Patna

If you are looking to make a blog related to education or you want to create a website related to education then it is very important to understand the concept of search engine optimization (SEO).

Here you are going to learn regarding SEO for Educational Websites in Patna, while creating website in mind you must have to understand the power of content writing for that you must have basic english or good enough english so that you can communicate with your audience in batter way and corporate them in right your audience.

As my english is also not so good as compared to pro content writer but i want to improve day by day this is my target and i am working on it per day.

Then the next step is your UI (User Interface), if you have question in mind that what is user interface?

Then let me explain you , I am talking about simple and sweet website with mobile friendly environment. Easy to use and easy to find the content or help what customer required from that website.

If you are done with that then time to move for next step that is on-page optimization.

Which contain sitemap.xml ,robots.txt ,google analytics , webmaster tool etc ….

If you have completed all the important task what your website need to help google crawler for crawl your website in easy way and your website showing less than 5 second to load then you are good to go in next step.

That is off-page optimization may be you have question in your mind. What is off page optimization ?

Answer is simple but it is very much important creating backlinks , social bookmarking , Guest posting , link submission etc .. these are the task you have to complete for rank on google first page.

Hope you have like this information, please do comment if you have any question and please share for help others.

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  1. This is very correct. It’s good to see someone with great knowledge about this. There are a lot of people in the web giving incorrect info about these stuffs. Thank you so much for posting it here.

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