I am sure you are looking for someone who can help you in ranking your website on google or bing let me guide you step by step process which will help what really it need to rank on google and bing.

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As you know if you are looking for someone who wants to rank on google/bing need to do a few things like

Tips 01
content creation: You can say it is like the product of your business you create a product while giving 20% of your time and the rest 80% you have to do marketing of that content creation.

Now it is time to do marketing for that you have to do on-page Seo and off-page Seo .let me explain to you what on-page means and what off-page means

on-page is all about doing SEO work inside your website like H1, meta tag, meta description, etc.

off-page means distributing your content or concept on other platforms whose DA and PA must be good or on an authentic website. Either you can also say relevant website. If you want the Best SEO company in Patna then I can help you regarding this. I have an expert team with me also I have worked in this field for more than 8 years and I have worked with many clients as well as a reputed company.

We are the Best Seo company in Patna which provides service at an affordable cost.

Onpage optimization in SEO in Patna

On-page optimization is to work on Keyword as every business has a unique goal and target so this is the most important step of online marketing.

For keyword researching, we conduct in-depth research on your industry and target market so that we can deliver you the best of best from our side. So that we can understand your target audience and their behavior. I will also want to know what is your goal behind making your website as a marketing start before creating your website or mobile app.

“If you want free Audit of your website you can contact us any time call +91 9999780189″

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