Video SEO in patna

Description Description is as important as title,best practice here you can do is to use keyword you have decided to rank. As in previous example i have used “recipe”.So i will try to use recipe in description also to rank on youtube.

Meta tag – Meta tag is one of the important part where you have to keep in mind that you have to use same keyword you have decided to rank on as previous example you we have used recipe as keyword . Soi will use recipe as meta tag along with other keyword to. So that i have multiple of keyword to rank on youtube.

Note Don’t use more than five or six meta tag because youtube not love plenty of meta tag.I have already punished by youtube once due to this reason.So be carefull while using lots of keywords in meta tag.

Also i want to share my personal experience that in initial i got very less view you can even say i have got view only from social sharing. After posting 20+ videos i have got my first video which rank on youtube.So i will suggest you keep patience one day you will succeed for sure.

As i have got 10000 view after one month.After that i have activated my monetization and within a week i got my $.In reality i came to know that yes really some one can earn online and that feeling i can’t explain that happiness.

Note you have to have 10000 view life time to start your monetization.

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