What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in patna

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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In today’s digitalization era, most of the startups, business owners have heard about a common word like SEO which is known as Search Engine Optimization in full form. Let’s discuss about this demanding career field. Search Engine Optimization is a process of visibility of online content on the front page of the search engine result page. Or in other terms, SEO is a kind of effective way which is mainly used for optimizing of blog posts. Most of the company owners are using this technique in order to enhance the ranking of the website. With the help of SEO, the blog posts or web pages appear very close to the position to the search engine result pages.

Here is one question about why some business owners create their own website or blogs because they want to increase the visibility of the website on the front side of the search engine. That’s why they follow the SEO technique to enhance the ranking of the website or web pages. Right now, there are two types of search engine optimization or SEO such as On-Page Optimization and second is Off-Page Optimization or Link Building. In addition, Off-Page Optimization is generally considered as Off-Site Optimization or Link-Building means linking of website or web pages.

A brief introduction on how does SEO works

Here are the lists of points explaining how Search Engine Optimization works, look at the following headings:

  • First of all, you need to do On-site optimization which is one of the most crucial components, the term ‘on-page SEO’ is just a process of optimizing of individual websites and also improves the ranking position of relevant web pages. By using this imperative tactic, you can easily optimize the entire content and HTML source code of a web page.
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  • In addition, this effective technique helps you to reach out the closed position of search engine result page and enhance the ranking of the web pages.
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  • Use appropriate Title Tags : Title tags are known as one of the vital on page SEO factor which presents on every web pages or blogposts. In search engine optimization field, every web page has individual title that consist the primary keywords for that post.
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  • To start on-page SEO, first, you have to check your domain extension is registered or expire because identification of domain is one of the essential on page SEO technique.
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  • The next important on-page SEO factor is the URL of each web page that may help to identify your right keyword or any short phrase on the web page. In simple terms, the URL of the page would be worddocument.com/worddocument.
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  • Use Meta Description: In some cases, many websites are not ranking in search engine result page because of missing Meta description option in WordPress or other sites.
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  • Next factor is, you must check Meta Tags during while writing blogs or articles.
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  • You must check the Keyword Density of your entire content in web page. Always, you must keyword density at least 2 – 5 %.
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  • You need to optimize of right images in web page or any post which is a very helpful method to increase the visibility of words in each web page.
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  • Use Heading tags : Heading tags are the main factor of on page SEO, which also considered as ‘ body tags ‘ allows you to put any short tail or long tail keyword in heading tag such as H1, H2 or H3.
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  • Check Positioning of keywords : You must check the positioning of keywords which may check the right keyword from first and last sentences over the content. As a professional user, if you are looking for Keyword position checker tool then you should use “www.seocentro.com”, “www.smallseotools.com” and other free tools available in online sources.

What is Off-Page SEO ?

Off-Page SEO is second major stage of search engine optimization (SEO) which may help to enhance the position of a web page in search engine result page. The word ‘Off-Page SEO is a unique procedure that can make your web page in World Wide Web very popular’.

Have a look at Off-Page SEO factors :

✔Local directory or local listing ✔Always creating fresh and shareable content ✔Post your original content in guest post sites. ✔Social bookmarking. ✔Forum posting which is one of the effective off page SEO technique used for enhancing quality web traffic and quality back links. ✔Submit your article content in high domain authority article sites.✔Forum posting which is one of the effective off page SEO technique used for enhancing quality web traffic and quality back links. ✔Submit your article content in high domain authority article sites. ✔Submit your quality content in a high domain authority Press-Release(PR) sites. ✔Image sharing/Inforgraphic submission.

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