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On-page & off-page


Nowadays online presence is going to impact your business and when you speak about lead generation and conversion then Search Engine Optimisation is going to help you in that case. You can target your audience organically. You can choose either of the options for targeting your audience globally, semi-globally or locally. It will all depend on your business models or on your business decision. Remember SEO (Search Engine Optimization is a long term goal or it may be short and very short term goal, depending on project or event



Social Media is converting good and generation good amount of as lead aa conversion these days. As your audience is using social media very officially that means you have to present in front of your customer. So that you will be one step ahead from your comparator and their strategy. So what you are looking? Invest some time and money on the social platform and check what really going to work great for your business.

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Title Tags

The title tag is HTML element, Which help is for displaying on the search results page (SERPs) as the clickable headline for shown result and play an important role in generating a good amount of traffic.


If I am speaking about Heading that means I am speaking about H1, H2, H3, and another heading tag. Which is responsible for the SEO as it is the title of a website on which all page content is related.

Descriptive ALT Tags

ALT tag is also most important in the term of making website rank as it is responciabe for identifing the image representing and it helps those who are visully impaired they can brouse Alt tag and know what image is all about.


Meta Description

The meta description is 155 characters of length description about the page where you can use keyword and phrase while optimizing the website. Here you can put your target keyword and phrase on which you want to rank.

Optimize Images

Speed of your website plays an important part in boosting your website ranking as well as making good customer experience. For optimizing image you need to cross check image size, quality, and content so that image size must be reduced.

Competitive Content

If you want to win SEO game then you have to understand your competitor first and then you have to understand yourself (your strategy) as much as you will understand your competition and yourself. The path will go easy & smooth and the end product will be going to pay you.

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Why do we need SEO?


Primary Source of Website Traffic

There are three main sources of traffic Referal, direct & search. Search traffic is also known as organic traffic. Organic is the primary source of traffic and as digital marketer quality traffic means huge money in your pocket.


Better User Experience

These days website and mobile app are more workings on the user-friendly environment and in that SEO also helps in understanding your customer behavior so Are you are using analytics for understanding user behavior?


SEO Builds Trust & Credibility

If you are looking for a right and regular source of income then SEO will be the right option for you. I will suggest you to start working on SEO for creating awareness regarding your brand, building trust & creating credibility.


SEO Is Relatively Cheap

SEO is all about investment for branding, advertising, conversion, sales, up sales, cross sales and other.And let me tell you one thingSEO may is one of the cheapest and affordablea business investment for you if you have the right person in your team.SEO is much cheaper than Traditional marketing, Paid online marketing and other type of advertising marketing.