As internet data use increasing we believe that now business is sifted to next level. All over the globe business is sifted from traditional to digital. 

We provide Digital Marketing, Video Edit, Social Media Marketing, App Marketing, Mobile App, VR, web design, graphic design and web development, web marketing, and web hosting services to clients across the globe at a very reasonable price. Our Major Clients in Bihar & Jharkhand.

Where ever you go you can find a handy computer known as Mobile nowadays businessman are using this device for business. 

But in this crowded environment, every business must have some unique composition of Marketing and we understand the process of market and how to do marketing.

At SEOTRAD we try to combine traditional marketing and digital marketing hand in hand. We personally feel that Marketing is just Marketing. Whether you are talking about traditional or Digital.

Seotrad is the place where you will get your business solution related to your Marketing while understanding your product and your customer. 

So we feel that when you are distributing your budget for marketing, you must have understood data and product nature so that you can have good ROI. 

Nowadays your customer uses different platforms like website, mobile app and social website are increasing you have to find your potential client every was and market your self Agrasively for getting a right client for your business. 

What We Do as Digital Marketing Agency in Bihar

We work on your market, we will work on SEO while working on keyword research  

and analyzing your target audience.

We will optimize your social media for improving your branding, we will allocate a budget for your paid advertisement from our end. 

We will improve your local searches if needed. 

All domain registration, web development, website redesign, bulk SMS and mail design, brochure design, website maintenance, flyer design, logo design, photo restoration, PHP development, flash development, JoomlaDrupal customization, and Mobile App is done by our partner we strongly check the quality and try to code as digital marketing friendly. 

        “Your Business is our Mission” 

                 – Neeraj Kr Tiwary