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Learn basics SEO

In the video below you will find the definition of seo.

But this is not what SEO is only.

Yes really !

It is more than that.

SEO basically of two type (i want to make it simple)

  1. Onpage SEO
  2. Off Page SEO

Now i am going to make it little more simple

Are you ready?

So ONPAGE SEO is all about making your website look user friendly and while spider comes at your website they should also feel friendly.

You can work on a few things to make your website user friendly.

Like, you can have a good theme for your website (basically I am talking about wordpress themes). It will help you not only make your website look good but also boost your website speed.

Website speed plays an important role in boosting your page ranking (PR).

Also i will recommend you to use yoast seo plugin which will help you in writing perfect meta description. It is really useful and used by all big players in the market.

Also you can connect your website through google analytic and webmaster tool or console. So that you can track your website data and work out accordingly.

These are the basics of what you can do in the initial stage.

Now talk about OFF PAGE SEO. In off page seo you have to create good PR backlinks. Backlinks are the most important thing I will suggest.

As I was working on a project I have seen while improving backlink. Not only have I not increased ranking but also I have seen improvement in DA and PA. Although it takes about more than a month for the same. So i will strongly suggest you to work on backlinks and try to get backlink from good DA and PA websites.

Next tip is a lot more easy and you can generate huge traffic if you do it in the proper way.

Share your content on social platforms like facebook, twitter, linkedin, pinterest and others.

It depends which one will work well for you. Find out which platform works good for you and which is not perfect for you.

I have shared some basics with you and please make a note that SEO takes time and patience.

Hope you have liked this post. Please share it with your friend so that they can also benefit from it.

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The best keyword research free tool is non-other the keyword planner


Best keyword research free tool is none other than keyword planner

As keywords play huge importance in internet business.

Ask for any niches!!

Ask anyone who is in this field for a while or read your best mentor.

One thing you find common is that they will say the first step to start your internet business with keyword research.

If you do not take it seriously you will lose the game very soon.

If you have a question in mind, why will I lose?

Here is my answer!!

Because focus is important for every short of work and keyword research will only give you focus and from there you begin your strategy.

Big question is from where you should start and how you should start.

As this is my initial phase of blogging i am using google free tool keyword planner.

You can find this tool while signing in with google adword and after creating your first campaign.On top menu you will find option says tools.

Click on that.

A list of different options will appear on the down menu.

In that drop down menu you will find a keyword planner.

Click on that.

And please wait while it loads.

Here we go, a free tool from google is ready for you.

See this tool can change your life.

Yes this tool can change your life if you know how to use it wisely and in effective way.

Keyword planner tool you can not only know the CPC of certain keyword but also know the exact traffic at exact geographical location.

Accordingly you can plan. How to target audience?

While putting your keywords you will find many new keyword related to along with that you will get visitor audience per month.

I will strongly suggest you that use long tail keyword in initial stage and work on micro niches.It will not only make your work easy but also you are going to make money out of it. Which will boost your confidence.

Know second best free google tool – google analytics.Because without data you are not going to scale your business.

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Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing in Patna


Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing in Patna

If you are wondering what is the difference between digital marketing and social media marketing in patna (local search market) ?

Then i want to be your guide for this, Let me start from beginning Digital marketing consist of many aspects such as :

  • Internet Marketing
  • Non-Internet digital channels

Let me explain first what is internet marketing. It consists of a website,SEM (Search Engine marketing) that also includes SEO, pay per click (PPC),Email marketing , online banner advertising and social media.


These kinds of channels include Radio,Television,SMS and other materials.

So the next question is what Social media is and how it is going to work in increasing business or generating (ROI) for any organization.

Social media is a new buzz in the market and it is really working well these days while you speak regarding social platforms like facebook, twitter have changed the way of marketing online.

Social media is all about emotion and feeling some of the best social media websites are:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google+
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • Tumblr
  • LinkedIn
  • StumbleUpon
  • YouTube
  • These are the best
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Role and Responsibility of Digital marketer in Patna

Digital Marketing in Patna

Role and Responsibility of Digital marketer


Off-Page SEO Activities

  • Seo on 20 keywords
  • Backlink creation
  • Business listing
  • Social media post creation
  • Social media post share
  • Blog comment on the relevant website
  • Classified ads
  • Brand Mentions
  • Commenting on the relevant network
  • Forums
  • Influencer Outreach
  • Guest Author
  • Broken Link Building
  • Social Networking
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Content Marketing
  • Questions & Answers
  • Newsletters
  • Do-follow or no-follow
  • Press release submissions

  • ON-Page SEO Activities

    • Quality content
    • Publish consistently
    • Use proper URL Structures
    • Optimizing title tags and meta descriptions
    • Text formatting (H1, H2…)
    • Image optimizing
    • Internal linking
    • External linking (Use the relevant external link in content)
    • Anchor Texts
    • Keywords research
    • On-page user experience

    Technical Seo

    • Broken links
    • Mobile-friendly
    • Website speed test

    LSM (local Search Marketing)

    • My business Account creation
    • Image creation for post
    • Link sharing of post
    • Business listing
    • Review from the relevant source
    • Finding NAP of business (NAP means Name, Address, Phone number)

    Add on task

    • Video editing and video marketing for 2 videos in a month
    • Content creation 2 in a month blog post
    • Social media posts and sharing 3 posts in a weak
    • Paid ad campaign creation and keeping an eye on ROI
    • Marketing strategy creation after comparator analysis
    • SWOT analysis

    NOTE: It can be improved / Changed as per required

    This all task will be my responsibility And I will try my best in improving your business.

    +91 9999780189

    D/2, Vijay Nagar Rd, near manash mandir, Kankarbagh, Hanuman Nagar, Patna, Bihar 800026
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    Factors affecting google ranking (lecture 01)

    As a teacher I will suggest that most questions will be asked in an interview from this lecture, in this lecture you will learn some important factors which affect google ranking for your website are:

    1. Domain age:- Domain (Example: age may be a factor that counts in ranking any website. An old website ranked on google for a long time as google loves domains that live for a longer time. Google sees that domain as relevant and not spam by nature. So may or may not sometimes domain age matter in google ranking but as much as a domain becomes older Google takes it as a positive signal for a ranking website.

    Activity: Write 5 brand names and find their domain age Hind: Go to or

    If you know other tools which can check Domain age comment below or WhatsApp +919999780189

    2. Keyword appears in a domain:- For some niches taking a keyword in a domain specify that this domain is based on this topic or keyword-based website, chances are there that website can get a positive signal for ranking high on google search result page. But it is not a powerful signal. It can help or add on factors in a ranking website. But this is not true for all the niches as someone tries in creating a brand in a certain niche of market then the keyword in the domain doesn’t matter. So keyword more ap in a domain may be a positive signal for some websites.

    3. Domain registration duration:- If your domain is registered for a long time like 5 years or 10 years then this may be a positive signal for ranking your website. As Google loves long domain registration duration. While someone who registered a domain for a long time google assumes that they are not a spammer they are a legitimate website owner who is going to work on their website for a longer time. They are not the kind of spammers who come for short time and go after their short-term goal is completed. Or you can Say google love branding as google understands that every business takes time and google do your real business only.

    Activity: Write 5 brand names and find their Domain registration duration
    Hind: Visit and copy the past URL

    4. Using a keyword in a subdomain:- If any website use subdomain and uses a keyword then google like this kind of website and as research done from the Moz website. That Moz said that those websites which have a subdomain on his website rank much higher than those which have less or no number of the subdomain. So creating a subdomain that is positive is a positive signal for the google ranking factor.

    5. Domain purchase history: If you are looking to buy a domain then you must check your domain history. Here you will find how the domain is using in the past on which nich website was made and how it will be relevant to your business. If Domain is penalized in the past more chances will be your website not going to rank faster. So keep in mind better to check the domain before buying a domain.

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    Introduction about Digital Marketing

    Digital Marketing Fundamentals by Neeraj Kumar Tiwary Hello, AMPs

    Introduction about Digital Marketing!

    On this website, you will learn A to Z about Digital Marketing course, I will try my level best to give you the best of best from my side so that at the end of this Digital Marketing free course in Patna you will learn all Skills which required for getting a job in digital marketing or if you want to start your own business this free course will also help you.

    Continue reading Introduction about Digital Marketing
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    Seo company in Patna

    SEOTRAD is the best search engine optimization company in Patna we are offering you a skilled Digital Marketing Expert Team. Who has already worked in your field what you need to do you have to go through one on one free consultation of your website Marketing or Mobile App Marketing.

    ” Call us for book one on one interaction regarding your business: _91 9999780189 “

    What we will do for you

    Step 01:

    Keyword Research: This is the most important part of your business, without the right keyword research you are not going to make money from your business. Before finding your keyword you have to do the SWOT analysis of your business and you must be clear in which direction you want your business should be growing.

    Step 02:

    Competitor Research: It is natural that you have to see left and right. Who are people who are doing business related to your business and how they are making money, you can learn many things from your competitor? If you are in the learning phase of your life then you can learn many things from the competition. After gathering information and completing our learning process we create a report which plays a very important role in creating a strategy for your business.
    Step 03:
    Creating website structure: We work on websites for providing a better user experience and we also keep in mind that website should be SEO friendly. SEO friendly means we have to check website speed, website structure, and other website-related issues.

    Step 04:
    Content Optimisation and marketing: After finding what exactly keyword we required for marketing our Best content marketing team writes down the right content for you and for your business. which is relevant to your target audience got getting the right and perfect results in SEO.

    KING TIPS: ” 20% content creation 80% Marketing is going to change the game of your business “

    Step 05:
    Video Marketing: Video is now day becoming the best source of Engagement and trust-building source. So creating a video marketing strategy is a very important part of your business as 1st search engine having huge traffic is google and 2nd most popular source of traffic is youtube. So now you can understand why video marketing is so important.

    best SEO company in Patna
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    Top 10 Seo company in Patna in 2022

    Are you looking for the best SEO company in Patna or the top 10 SEO company in Patna then you are at the right place we have researched and found the top best company for your digital marketing in Patna.

    We always use to change ranking on the basis of productivity and performance. We have ranked all these websites on the basis of customer satisfaction and quality of work provided by all this company

    So without wasting your time I want to start my list of top 10 SEO companies in Patna.